Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is all there is to see

Everyone's heart is breaking.  Everyone's clothes are on fire, but very few notice.  (Scott Morrison)

You may be reading this because you have been searching and seeking and looking and not finding anything satisfactory to make the suffering from trying to maintain the existence of you go away. 

The feeling of being a living human ranges from misery to bliss.  The only way to escape the feeling of being alive is to physically die, and that will happen soon enough.  However, there is a way to see the truth of the situation and never have to carry the burden of suffering as your own again.

When it's seen that there's actually not a you anywhere, there is no longer an owner of the experiences that make up life.  Life simply is as it is, suffering or bliss.

This is all there is to see.  There are endless distractions from reality, and suffering takes countless forms in this world.  The one truth that removes the sting of suffering is the truth that there is no person to suffer. 

There are no selves anywhere.

There is only the impersonal force of life.

It's real right here, right now. 

Life feels like being alive, and that's all that's happening. 



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Unknown said...

"The impersonal force of life"

Love it.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

need to check

Anonymous said...

i appreciate seeing someone post about the urgent reality of non-self. Thank you for creating this blog.

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