Thursday, February 24, 2011

once again

there is no you.

what if it's true?

what would the experience happening right now be like, without you?

look at all the parts of the experience happening right now.

which one of these parts are you?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


it's not that when you die, life will go on without you.
it's that life is always going on without you.

thoughts about 'your self' do not mean a 'you' exists.

the noticing of this is available right now, in ever-present experience.

just look.

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another expression

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Monday, February 21, 2011

"my true nature"

"my true nature"

this phrase assumes there is an entity to own nature.

where is this entity? where is the dividing line between this entity and 'it's' nature? if this entity does not know it's true nature, where is this nature hiding?

please question your assumptions. please make a commitment to looking at this.

the search for 'your true nature' implies a you.

please find this 'you', before continuing to look for 'your' true nature.

mightn't it be liberating to see that this assumed foundation of the search is not real?

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

'there is no me. is it true?'

if you look for the computer, it is there in front of you.
if you close your eyes it disappears.
in this way it is transient, and this is what i find 'the world is illusory means'.
'the world' is never the same.
nothing manifesting as the world is present forever. change is the nature of life.

this is the prism effect or hologram or fractal aspect of life.
parts appear and disappear. each part of life requires all of life to appear.

there is one thing that has never appeared, despite being believed in by humans for a very very long time, and this thing is the self.

this self can never be found.
it does not appear and then disappear.

what appears and disappears is an assumption or belief that the self exists.

seeing this is the root of liberation or awakening or enlightenment, as it has been spoken of.
seeing this is a return to simply life, as it is, without the agenda of self.

there is a totality of life which is always present, in the endless forms in which it appears.
within this totality of life, there is never a self. there is no me and there is no you.

it is possible for this to be realized, but no one can do it for you.

trying to identify something that does not exist with things that do exist, or the totality of what exists, will not work.

trying to identify with an absence will not work.

there is nothing there which could be doing the identifying. there is no self.

check it out! in every and any way experience arises, look for the self. consider experience from the aspect of 'there is no me. is it true?'

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Monday, February 7, 2011


a concept from all the big religions and spiritual belief systems

but does it make sense once the distorting lens of self is no longer believed in?

without a me, who is going to surrender?

without an other, who or what could this me surrender to?

the hidden premise beneath the concepts of surrender, is the assumption that there is a separate self.

trying to surrender is an endless, pointless struggle, because there isn't really an entity that needs to surrender.

there is simply life, as it is, in this moment.

find the one who must surrender, if it can be found.

it can't be found, but do not take these words as a proof or belief. it's absolutely possible, in the reality of right-here-and-now, to look and to see.

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