Wednesday, November 9, 2011

concluding remarks

nothing you read is going to help you.

no one you talk to can ever be held responsible for anything that happens to you.

don't come here anymore looking for anything.  i don't know why you have come here, anyway.

there's no answer to be found here.

there's only ever been one answer and being alive is it.  it is already the case.

the only truth
at all
is that being is.

this is.  this is it.

it doesn't matter if you realize that or not, it's already true.

existence doesn't depend on being noticed.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

what is seen

There is no metaphysical override for the biological functioning of the organism.

Is there something real that is separate from that organism?

No, not that can be found in this experience.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

initial response to seeing no self

this is what i wrote to several people, upon the initial seeing of no separate self.

there was no 'me' who made the body form in the mother's womb.
there is no 'me' who beats the heart, inhales and exhales the air, or holds this body down to the floor.
there is no 'me' who chooses when to fall asleep or wake up.
there is no 'me' who chose when to learn to talk or walk.
there is no 'me' who chose to prefer sex with women over men.
there is no 'me' who was given a talent to draw.
there is no 'me' who can be blamed for the eventual breakdown of the physical health that will lead to body death.
there is no 'me' who feared this physical death.
there is no 'me' who will break down the components of the body into the earth.
there is no 'me' who will escape the body and fly off to exist in heaven or hell.
there is no 'me' who moves the attention from thing to thing, thought to thought, experience to experience.
there is no 'me' who felt a pull toward finding 'me'.

nothing can be found that lasts in the experience of being and there is no 'me' that lasts outside the experience of being.
there is no 'me' to shift from personal identification with experiences to identification with universal life.
there is only life, sometimes imagining itself to be 'me'.

identification still happens in the experiencing, but there is nothing real being referred to when that happens. there is only the pattern of identification - a thought pattern. there is no separate self.


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Sunday, July 10, 2011

it is ok to ask

every voice that points to the truth is unique.  some sound better than others to your conditioned thought patterns.  this blog is here to help.  it's not here to proclaim itself as the bible of truth.  it's here to share the notes of how one seeker found liberation.  it's also here to share notes on what it's like after one has passed through the gateless gate.

there is no shame or harm in asking for a buddy check.  when the truth is seen it will be undeniable, and the sharing of that between human minds is one of the top shelf experiences of all of life's experiences.

the truth is likely not going to descend like a dove from heaven and land on your head.  no booming voice of god is going to declare you a beloved son.  if you are out there, desperately yearning to know what this blog is about, and the linked blogs, and the arena, you should not be afraid to ask.  find the voice that feels right to you and reach out.

i felt a craving to check with someone.  humans are social animals.  it helps to have a friend to share with and i didn't find anyone that felt open and willing until i talked to ciaran.  it was a private conversation over chat.  it wasn't public or overly dramatic.  it was mainly just a very firm reassurance that the truth could be seen if it was looked at. 

most spiritual teachers have always felt very unapproachable and too expensive to me.  i never fell prey to the western idea that something is worth more if you have to pay for it.  i always wanted to know the truth that is available for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  i knew it had to be there, and i'm pretty sure most people know it too. 

so ask.  share.  open up.  don't be shy.  there's no reason to wait.  i love you.


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

nothing experienced is a permanent unchanging state

problems of existence and nonexistence come and go as they please, without a self required to solve them.  there is just reality, which appears to consist of the movement from existence to nonexistence.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is all there is to see

Everyone's heart is breaking.  Everyone's clothes are on fire, but very few notice.  (Scott Morrison)

You may be reading this because you have been searching and seeking and looking and not finding anything satisfactory to make the suffering from trying to maintain the existence of you go away. 

The feeling of being a living human ranges from misery to bliss.  The only way to escape the feeling of being alive is to physically die, and that will happen soon enough.  However, there is a way to see the truth of the situation and never have to carry the burden of suffering as your own again.

When it's seen that there's actually not a you anywhere, there is no longer an owner of the experiences that make up life.  Life simply is as it is, suffering or bliss.

This is all there is to see.  There are endless distractions from reality, and suffering takes countless forms in this world.  The one truth that removes the sting of suffering is the truth that there is no person to suffer. 

There are no selves anywhere.

There is only the impersonal force of life.

It's real right here, right now. 

Life feels like being alive, and that's all that's happening. 



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Thursday, June 30, 2011

koan of the month

any woman aware of her biological functions can tell you that almost every month things go a little nuts in her head.

everyone loves to joke about it, but i tend to think of it as a regularly scheduled reminder that i don't exist.

if i did exist, i'd be able to override my pms and avoid feeling like the world is falling apart when it's not, right?  but truly, there is absolutely nothing running the show here that is separate from life. 

what's amazing to me is that while we poke fun at the whole pms thing, this joke could be considered evidence that we do believe, as a culture, that our biological functions are to blame for our emotional state and that this emotional state colors our experience of reality. 

every time someone refers to an emotional female they could actually be considered to be pointing out the fact that there's no person in that woman, affecting her reality and experience.


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